As you know in September I will not be at Broad Heath. I also know that lots of families struggle financially. To help you,I am proposing we repeat what we have done this year and pay a one off fee of £30 per child for the years trips. As you know the children have 3 trips in the year so this is great value. The money needs to be paid by July 14 th 2023 . If the money is not received then you will have to pay as and when and the minimum amount for all trips is £20.

77 responses to “Future Trips”

  1. Rayan M.

    I really wish that you can stay a bit more.

  2. Havin A.

    I will miss you so much because I’ve known you since I was 4 .you were very funny I hope you have a good time withought us bye 🥹

    1. Head Teacher

      Miss you Havin as you are a star!x

  3. Ayaad H.

    £30 paid for the trip ahead, which is very helpful for us.
    Thank you.

  4. Ayaad H.

    That’s was very small journey of us with Mrs. Frankish just 3yrs now my child is in year 1 and in this period of time we came to know that she is such a good head teacher thanks for all you support from then till now, we pray that you remain healthy, happy and successful as always.
    Thank u.

    1. Head Teacher

      Lovely message and thank you for your kindness. x

  5. Alzahra R.

    Thank for information

  6. Great O.

    Words would fail me to express how I feel about your leaving, it barely 1 year our path crossed but it’s seems for ages, you are one of the amazing personality we ever met, I remember Great’s first day at Broad Heath Primary School,he couldn’t forget in hurry! My family will greatly miss you Mrs Frankish. Thanks for all you do God bless you and yours in Jesus name 🙏

    1. Head Teacher

      Thank you for such a lovely message x

  7. Madeeha T.

    I am so sad that yo are leaving and thank you for the information , I have already broad in £30.00 for all the trips

    1. Head Teacher

      That is great, pleased i could help.x

  8. Kanishka P.

    I will really miss you Mrs Frankish you are the best headteachers I’ve ever seen.💗❤ I am really sad that you are leaving this school but good luck for your next school.

    1. Head Teacher

      Hi- No next school Kanishka, I will be retiring.x

  9. Rayyan R.

    It is because of your hardwork that our children are so bright.Thankyou for educating them so precisely.Its sad to see you leave.Best of luck and happy retirement.

    1. Head Teacher

      That is lovely, thank you.Still here until July.x

  10. Sameeha A.


    I am sad that your leaving. I will miss you a lot. I wish you could be head teacher for ever your the best teacher in the entire universe .You are the headteacher that you can do anything out of everyone. You are the Head teacher who gave us trips,education ,learning ,swimming and sports .The best of all you love us and you make us learn new things in really fun ways .We will miss you Mrs Frankish.
    ×××Sameeha Ajisafe 😍😥😢❤🧡💛💚💙💜💝💖💯✌

    1. Head Teacher

      Same eh you have made me cry,you will always be in my heart and I want you to go onto university and do some great things with your life, you are capable of this. Show the world your talents. X

  11. Anish B.

    It is sad to see you leave. goodbye Miss Frankish.

    1. Head Teacher

      It is sad but you will have a great time with Mr Andrews.

  12. Yunus R.

    Come back and visit

  13. Yunus R.

    I am sad that your going to leave I will miss you😢 I wish you were are head teacher head teacher 👩‍🏫 for ever your the best teacher ever 😭 your the headteacher that you can do anything you gave us trips education learning swimming and sports 🏀 and you make us learn a new thing 🥶

    1. Head Teacher

      Thank you, you will go on to bigger and beter things, keep gaining.x

  14. Diana D.

    Thank you for the info but we are sooo sad to see you go mrs Frankish thank you for your help you are amazing wonderful and very funny

  15. Tana I.

    I am so sad that you are leaving but thank you very much for the information.

  16. Hamza M.

    I am sad that you can’t be at the school to be able to stay as a head teacher. We will all miss you and we hope you visit again.

  17. Ilyas K.

    I am pleased to see our new head teacher but I’m going to miss Mrs frankish

    1. Head Teacher

      Miss you too.x

  18. Rahim A.

    So this will be very helpful thank u because all to 30 and and the minim trips are twenty

  19. Tipian I.

    Don’t forget we will miss you and you are unforgettable.
    ~you are the best head teacher ~

  20. Adrian O.

    I will show this blog to my mum thanks for the information.

  21. Subodh K.

    I will miss you Miss Frankish

    1. Head Teacher

      I will miss you too.x

  22. Afsa P.

    I extremely miss u miss Frankish

    1. Head Teacher

      Ahh thanks”Cheeky Monkey.” x

  23. Yahya K.

    We are going to miss you Miss Frankish. Have a great retirement.

    1. Head Teacher

      Thanks x

  24. Oluwaduminu O.

    I will really miss you , Mrs Frankish You are the best♡

    1. Head Teacher

      So are you. X

      1. Shemaiah W.

        I am sad that your leaving I miss you 😢 I really miss you being our head teacher 👩‍🏫 in Broad heath Im sorry 😞 your going to leave our school 🏫 miss Frankish I
        hope you retire and come back soon. xx

        1. Head Teacher

          Thanks, no coming back but I know you do brilliantly.x

  25. Hatim M.

    Thanks for the information. We really appreciate your concern and wish you all the best in your future endeavours. You will be missed.

    1. Head Teacher

      Thank you and I will miss the community .x

  26. Ayaan M.

    Ok thank you

  27. Arhan Sarkar

    I will miss you Mrs Frankish! Good luck on your future

    1. Head Teacher

      Miss you too.x

  28. Manha S.

    i will miss u miss frankish , have a lovely retirement .

    1. Head Teacher

      Thank you and keep on being super.x

  29. Noah M.

    I will miss you.

    1. Head Teacher

      Will miss you too. X

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