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Plas Dol-y-Moch Gallery Miss Shilton’s group

17 responses to “Plas Dol-y-Moch Gallery Miss Shilton’s group”

  1. Zain A.

    I really enjoyed Dolly Moch. It taught me how to work as a team and be more independent. My memory of this trip was falling of the kayak. I would strongly recommend the year 5’s to go next year. Also the staff that came with us were good so if they volunteer to go next year it would be a better idea to make the experience better for the children.

  2. Zaid M.

    I have enjoyed dol y Moch so much! But I really wanted it to last longer.
    What I liked the most was the kayaking, especially when we slid down into the lake! :D
    I have learnt about the history of dol y moch and it’s ways.

  3. Muhammad R.

    I think the staff were great most of the people in mrs Morris group that’s she is just a maths and English teacher no offence but really do think that but now some of them you are a amazing teacher in math and also being fun

  4. Harroop S.

    Dolly Moch was a delightful experience. We have developed lots of new skills such as kayaking and learning how to orienteer and use mapping skills. The thing I have enjoyed was free time as we had lots to do : playing basketball in the basketball court and we played volleyball.Not only that we also played cricket and football. This was an experience that I will forever remember!

  5. Raihaan N.

    I have enjoyed Dol-y-moch a lot and my favourite bit was the kayaking and the labyrinth. I have also learnt new skills like scrambling up a mountain which I thought I couldn’t do before.

  6. Bolu

    I really enjoyed the Mountain climbing, I learnt that is good to get out of your comfort zone . Thank you Mrs Miss Shilton and Mrs Morris for taking us you guys made more fun .

  7. Alexis J.

    In Plas-Dol-Y-Moch, I enjoyed climbing the mountain and I also enjoyed the Kayaking. I learnt how it’s good to overcome our fears because at first when we were a quarter up the mountain I didn’t want to go any further but later on when we reached the summit I was thankful that I didn’t quit.
    Also when we could slide into the lake in the kayaking I didn’t want to do it at first but I chose to do it anyways because it was most likely to be a once in a lifetime experience.

  8. Shabaz

    I have enjoyed my time during Plas Dol-y Moch. I loved when we were weaselling throughput rock with Martin by Molly Heath. All the staff that went Plas Dol-y Moch were amazing as they aided us and they were resourceful. Values I have learnt was perseverance and tenacity.

  9. I enjoyed this journey as I have had a lot of fun and learnt new skills , like rock scrambling and kayaking . Also the staff was good as they provided us with the stuff we needed throughout Doly Moch .

  10. Muhammad R.

    I have enjoyed dolly moch not because I didn’t hat to do enemy school achely kids got more morchore and really a better broad heath citezen people always ask me what was your foufrite activity but I say all of them because of how they were so fun and also it was fun for every to gasp there fear.

  11. Ravi J.

    Going to Dol Y Moch was an amazing experience for everyone who went.
    During this trips I found that my my favourite experience was climbing a mountain referred as Moel Lahiv. While climbing the mountain I have learnt to never give up until you have reached your dream.

  12. Ayomide O.

    I enjoyed kayaking the most
    I learnt how to make a bed

    1. Ayomide O.

      And I have grown as a person since my trip and the instructors. Martin was like a wise sage and tom was cool guy and Connor was chill

  13. Saira S.

    Well done for being so resilient whilst completing these activities. This shows that you can do all of these things with a good mindset. Well done.✔︎

  14. Bolu

    I really enjoyed Dol-Y-Moch , if I could go back in time I would .

  15. Aamina B.

    It looks like you guys had lots of fun!
    Hope you enjoyed you week at Dol-y Moch! :D

  16. Mrs Morris

    Group E you were amazing all week! A credit to yourselves, your family and to Broad Heath.
    Every single one of you gave every activity your all!!
    Well done.

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