Go Broad Heath-City of Culture May 2022

I have been smiling all day!
The children, families and staff from Broad Heath were at Edgewick park today and it was amazing. The organisers constantly commented on the number of people from Broad Heath and how they were pleased to see our school representing the local community.

Thank you to everyone who made this event so special and the children who helped to make sure everything was tidy at the end of the day!

31 thoughts on “Go Broad Heath-City of Culture May 2022

  1. The smiles on everyones faces say it all! Looks like you all had a fantastic day. I just have one question- how were you all so brave and relaxed with a GIANT tortoise there?!

  2. What an amazing day it was. So good to see so many children with their families. Everyone looked so happy watching film,chatting,having fun and eating snacks too. Am so glad I came it was great to see so many great Broadheath citizens. The blog shows all the evidence. Thank you Mrs.Raja-khan for the photographs and blog. 👍🏻

  3. It was a fantastic day to see everyone. Come together as a community. Thank you Mrs Raja Khan for taking and uploading these amazing photos. A big well done to all those children who helped the workers pick up litter after the event. You showed you are amazing BH citizens and represented our school values of brilliance ,teamwork,respect,kindness and have made us very proud. Well done 😊

  4. A lovely, bright day spent with so many wonderful BH families! It was great to see everyone enjoying the outdoors whilst having lots of fun watching The Lion King! Thank you all for making me smile and thank you, Mrs Raja-Khan for being the most perfect photographer!

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