Greek Myths- 5 White

Today as a class we read through different Greek myths, one of which was about Persephone. Some of the children retold the story in their own words. Other children wrote similarities and differences between the myths and some compared them using a vent diagram.

How do you know the stories are myths?
What features did they share?
Tell me a similarity between the myths.

What are the morels of the myths?

2 responses to “Greek Myths- 5 White”

  1. Tipian I.

    1. I know if the stories are mythical or not because if it sounds like tales or not true like dragons and tiny dinosaurs the size o f a thumb .
    2. They share different features like legacies and myths .
    3. Our myths and Greeks myths are similar by the way they do it it because a Greek myth is probably about a girl wi the a dragon or knights fighting a chicken .
    4.A moral of a myth explaines what to do in this situation.

  2. Maddox B.

    I loved doing this task

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