Thank you for those parents who signed up to club tonight. If you have signed up, you have a place, we do not usually post a list. However, as it is a first club for most parents here is a list for the next 4 weeks;

Nathan1 Red
Bavisun2 Blue
Rayyan2 Blue
Martyna2 Blue
Great2 Blue
Rishaan2 Blue
Shreya2 Blue
Safiyyah2 Red
Rosie2 Red
Ameera2 Red
Aiyla2 Red
Miacle2 Red
Riya2 Red
Abdullah2 White
Shanum2 White
Pugalini2 White
Marceline 2 White
Fatimah2 White

Collection is at the green gates at Hanford road at 3:55.

3 responses to “Gymnastics Club Tonight.”

  1. Ayman Q.

    Ayman wants to join please let us know if we can register now? Thank you

  2. Hurayn A.

    Hello. Are spaces still available for gymnastics? Hurayn would like to join. 👍

  3. Rayyan R.

    Hope you have fun..

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