Harvest Collection


I am so proud of the children and adults at Broad Heath School – we have collected nearly 1000 tins and packets for ‘The Coventry Foodbank’!!!!

Hugh, from ‘The Coventry Foodbank‘ has asked me to pass on his thanks.

I was proud to announce, on Friday, over the tannoy system that 4A had collected the most food. Congratulations to 4A, Miss Dewar will speak to Miss Ahmed and organise your reward of MUGA time.

The top 5 classes were

4A – 104 tins and packets!!

3S – 96 tins and packets

6M – 68 tins and packets

1S – 57 tins and packets

2C – 56 tins and packets


photo 1 photo 2 photo 3


30 thoughts on “Harvest Collection

  1. well done 4A for winning the harvest collection and I am looking forward for next, year and I hope you will win again by working as a team work. :)

  2. WE WON!
    I wish we can do this next year and we can win again and again and we will get lots of food to go to the Coverntry food bank

  3. I am really impressed with the amount of food donated by the children and their families. We truly are great BH citizens, helping others in our community.
    Well done everyone. :)

  4. HUGE round of applause to 4A and all those generous hearted children and families who have given so much during this harvest season. Everyone should be very proud of themselves :) you have proven you are able to work as a team to help those in need.

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