Health Week in 1 Blue

Monday – Be Mindful
Today, we discussed our ‘worries’ and how to deal with them. We took inspiration from the story ‘The Very Hungry Worry Monster’. We also designed our very own worry monster and made soothing sensory bottles. In the afternoon, we got in touch with nature by having a walk in the woods and thinking about how this helps with our mindfulness. We concluded our day with saying something positive about ourselves and our peers. Tell your grown up something wonderful about yourself!

Tuesday – Be Healthy
Today, we got the chance to be chefs! First we had to look like a chef, so made our very own chef hat! Then we washed our hands. Next we got cooking and made salad wraps. Last we ate our healthy wraps. What is a healthy food choice?

Wednesday – Be Active
What an active day we had today. In the morning, we made up our own version of heads, shoulders, knees and toes. While in the afternoon we had cosmic yoga, played playground games and had Let’s Dance with Miss Smith.

Thursday – Be connected
Today, we were very fortunate to have a visit from a lovely lady called Misa. Misa is from Japan and showed us how to make origami Samurais.

We then worked on our team building skills by playing the games ‘Pass the Hoop’ and ‘Don’t Wake the Dragon’. What makes a team work?

Friday – Be Happy
Today. we thought about what our perfect day would look like then drew pictures. We also created our own exercise workout and reflected on our amazing week.

What did you most enjoy during health week?

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  1. Mrs J Patel

    What I can say I enjoyed watching this blog because it shows lots of
    Mrs. Patel ABC
    ABC. Always be confident
    Always be calm
    Always be cheerful
    Always be creative
    Always be constructive….
    Well done year 1 Blue you all used so many different skills for your learning and we are proud of you all. This shows you are all GAINING!

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