Health Week in 2White

What a great start to BH Health Week! Year 2 were joined by Year 6 for a joint Well-Being day, the children in 6W supported our children in 2W in order to develop their team work and communication skills.

In Year 2 we focused on our mindset by creating Zentangles, in Year 6 the children were a little more active. Check out this blog to see how they got on…
Day 2 of Health Week was another FRUITFUL Day! Year 2 walked to the local Greengrocers -Opus Foods, to choose an purchase their own fruits. Following our walk, the children chopped up their fruit and made their own ‘healthy fruit bowls.’ Watch this short video to see how delicious they were…
Another GREAT day in 2 White! The children gained a better understanding of why it is important to include exercise and how it contributes towards. Healthy lifestyle. They learnt how to find and measure our heart beats and took part in a variety of playground activities.
Take a look at this blog to see what fun we had…

Today in 2 White, the children listened to the story Colour Monster, this helped them to gain a better understanding of feelings. They then considered their own emotions and identified how and why they would feel that way and explained how they would manage them. Each child drew illustrations or wrote situations to represent each emotion.

Continuing on from yesterday’s learning about emotions, the children took to paint to express their feelings. They used primary colours and blew through a straw to see what secondary colours they finished with and see whether their colour matched how they were feeling.
This afternoon as a class we created a Friendships web by passing a ball of string to their. Friends and giving them a compliment. Later they discussed how that made them feel…The end result was HAPPY!

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  1. Haseeb B.

    I enjoyed the watermelon 🍉 the most

  2. Haseeb B.

    I loved it when we went to the fruit shop and when we made our fruit bowl 🥣 with Mr Inman

    1. Mrs Browning

      I loves that too, it was a nice day.
      Which of the fruit did you enjoy the most?

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