2Red’s Homework Gallery Week 3.

We have been really impressed by the work that all of you Smart Cookies have been sending in over the past few weeks. Keep it coming, we are so proud of you! If you haven’t sent any of your homework in yet, this is your opportunity to show Mrs Penavega and I, just how smart […]

Reading Gladiators-Week 3

This week the Reading Gladiators revisited- Don’t cross the line!To gain a better understanding from last session, we read the book again. Our first focus was the main themes of our book, for example themes in Traditional tales are; Love, Power, Good Vs Evil, Friendships, etc…. We then went on to discuss philosophical concepts, to […]

2 Red- Week 2 Homework Gallery

What a fantastic week we had last week! Thank you to all of the super, smart cookies who sent in your homework pictures. Let’s see if we can get more on our gallery this week! Remember that we are completing week 2 overviews this week. 2 Red WOW work- Samuel Pepys Factfiles Take a look […]

Year2- Reading Gladiators continued….

This week we recapped on our previous session by watching our first blog. Do you want to jog your memory? Copy & Paste this link: https://youtu.be/XGgRt04NhlgWe concluded our last session by using our inference skills to make predictions….can you remember what your predictions were? What did you think our mystery story was called? HOMETASKS. On […]

2 Red- Week 1 Homework Gallery

As always, we have had some fantastic quality homework sent in from 2 Red this week. What better way to celebrate the time and effort that has gone into their work than to showcase it on our ‘Class Homework Gallery.’ Well done 2 Red, keep making Mrs Penavega and I proud!!

2Red– Caterpillars Experiment

This half term in science, we are learning about how to stay healthy. Year 2 have made progress by understanding that hygiene is a crucial factor of staying healthy. Last week we discussed the importance of washing your hands. Continuing on from last week; Today, the caterpillars observed the potatoes which had been previously rubbed […]

2 Red- Can you Identify the Seas Surrounding the UK?

On Thursday in Topic the Caterpillars worked together to reminded me of everything they have learnt from prior learning. Using a map they identified the counties and seas surrounding the UK and also showed me what Super Smart Cookies they are by distinguishing the differences between human and physical features. Watch this short video of […]

2 Red’s Super Spelling Bees🐝

Well done to all of our Super Smart Cookies who have tried their best and practiced their spellings this week, if you haven’t achieved 10/10 don’t worry there is still next week. Practice, Persevere and you will Prosper!! 🎉CONGRATULATIONS 🎉 to all of the above children who achieved 10/10 this week, many of which have […]

2 Red-Blogger of the week…

Well, Smart cookies we’re back here again… My favourite blog of the week! Firstly, Mrs Penavega and I want to celebrate each and everyone of you, for working so hard over the past 2 weeks. You have all been model Broad Heath citizens, our school values have been at the core of everything you have […]

2Red- Let’s Celebrate!

What a strange week we have had 2 Red, but you have shown Mrs Penavega and I that you are brilliant! Like I said on Tuesday, no matter what challenges you face, you show resilience, you always try your best to give 110% percent and you never crumble! Although you may not be learning in […]

2Red-Caterpillars count to 20

In Maths today (14.09.20), the caterpillars took part in some fun outdoor learning activities. They were able to read, count and identify numbers tiles to 20. I made some silly mistakes and The Caterpillars confidently ordered the numbers correctly, rearranged a numeral sequence, identified missing numbers and filled in the gaps by writing the numbers […]

2Red-Week 1 Spelling bees….

A HUGE well done to the above children who practised hard all week and achieved 10/10 in week one’s spellings! This shows that practice and perseverance results in great achievements. Keep it up Smart Cookies!😊 Another BIG round of applause to these 5 children have tried incredibly hard and achieved 9/10. So very near Year […]

Is it healthy or unhealthy?

This half term in Science our topic is ‘Take Care.’ We started by looking at how we can take care of ourselves and what makes us healthy…..staying clean, having a good nights sleep, staying active, drinking water and eating a balanced diet are just a few that we came up with. This afternoon Caterpillars had […]


As a class we voted for who we wanted to represent 2 Red as our School councillors. Mrs Penavega, Mrs Browning and the rest of 2 Red want to congratulate Keaton and Amira. It was a unanimous decision, these two smart cookies were confident, clearly spoken and have beautiful characters! They are incredibly excited and […]

Year2- Caterpillars and Butterflies (21.05.20)

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ENGLISH⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ In English Miss Smith has introduced Apostrophes, there are 2 types–Possessive and Contracted. Today we are looking at Contracted….If we put two words together and miss out some letters, we need to add an apostrophe where the missing letters are. e.g: ‘do not’ would change to ‘don’t’ That’s it, you’ve got it…. Now write […]

Year2- Caterpillars & Butterflies (20.05.20)

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️English⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Yesterday, I retold the story of ‘Winnie and Wilbur stay at home.’ My sentences were a bit scrambled, but you did a great job at correcting them for me. Today, I would like you to retell the story in your own words. I want you to do a better job than me. Using the […]

Year 2- Caterpillars & Butterflies (19.05.20)

Hello you lovely lot….. For English this week, Miss Smith has been looking at retelling a story through role play and writing it in your own words. I would like to stay along these lines. So, Caterpillars and Butterflies, today we are going to start by writing simple sentence from parts of  the story I read […]

Year 2- Caterpillars/Butterflies 01.05.20

Wow, Caterpillars and Butterflies, What a fantastic start to the half term! You have all had a brilliant first week back. I am sooo impressed. You have shown me you have a great understanding of how to find 1/2’s and 1/4’s of amounts AND you could identify Mrs Browning’s silly punctuation mistakes. What a clever […]

Year 2 Caterpillars/ Butterflies 30.04.20

Hello again Caterpillars and butterflies, I hope you are all well and still smiling. Today I need your help, I woke up in such a kerfuffle that my words are all jumbled up and I’ve forgotten to add capital letters and full stops in my sentences. Can you identify my mistakes and change them for […]

2 Red Story time with Mrs Browning

Hello 2 Red, How are you all? I miss all my super smart cookies soo much. I hope you are all well and happy. I know it’s a very unusual, confusing and unsettling time for us all. Some of us might be finding ourselves getting a little worried which can make us feel sad. I […]

Year 2-Easter Challenges….

LIFE SKILLS CHALLENGE Egg Hunt The aim of this challenge is to claim your egg by giving accurate, verbal directions… Your partner is to be blind folded, they will need to listen carefully to you and your instructions. Use your positional and directional vocabulary. e.g. “Forward”, “Backward”, “Turn left”, “Turn Right”…. Face Race This challenge […]

Year 2 Reading Gladiators-The Quiz…

(Question 1.) What is the first reason the girl gives for not liking snakes? 1. They are silly. 2. The are scary. 3. They slither. 4. They are slimy. (Question 2.) When snakes slither, what part of their body do they use? 1. Eyes and tongue. 2. Tongue and ribs. 3. Scales and tail. 4. […]

Year 2 Reading Gladiators-Wk 3

Hello Year 2, I hope you are all well, I miss your smiles and enthusiasm but I am glad you have been staying safe. So, last week I left you with the challenge to gain a better understanding of how snakes move, I hope you enjoyed the fun activity with your families. I just want […]