2 Red: Homework Gallery- Week 5

Welcome back to my favourite blog of the week!🥰 This is the final Homework gallery, so lets make it our best yet! Remember the more wffort upu put into your work the beter your chances if being chosen for the ‘WOW Homework prize!’ Continue with the hard work and Keep GAINING superstars! Remember, your homework […]

2 Red explain why we should help stop pollution!

Continuing with our topic, Seasides in History and Geography, we gained an understanding on the term Pollution and the effects it has on the environment. We learnt about plastic pollution in the Earth’s oceans. Here is 2 Red explaining why we should help stop pollution… What have you learnt about pollution? What can we do […]

2 Red-Hygiene Experiment Continued…

To continue with our work on hygiene and taking care of our bodies, Year 2 had to make careful observations of the potatoes we used 2 weeks ago. Here are our little scientists to tell you more… What does hygiene mean? What did we learn from our investigation? Tell me 3 different ways of staying […]

2 Red-Hygiene

In science today we learnt about hygiene, we discussed ways of staying hygienic and also carried out an experiment to investigate the importance of hand wasking. They used glitter to represent germs and observed how easy it is to spread and what you need to do to destroy them. Watch this short video to see […]

2 Red- Week 1 Homework Gallery

Welcome to your first homework gallery in Year 2. Every week we ask you to complete your homework and send it into the links provided where, I will endeavour to showcase it on our class blogs and leep then updated. You all had a great first week 2 Red, You tried incredibly hard in school […]

Year 2- Autumn 1 Spellings

Welcome back Year 2…. It has been great getting to know you all during our project week, you are all superstars! Next week, we are going on to our normal time table, so hopefully you will all have received your spelling cards today to help you practise for your tests every Friday. You can also […]

2 Red: Homework Gallery- Week 3

What a great first week you’ve had back in the classroom! You’ve settled in brilliantly and continued with your learning like nothing has happened. You are showing Mrs Penevega and I how grown up you are, eager to learn and ready for Year 3, we are so proud of you! Not only have you worked […]

2 Red- Celebration Friday

What a fantastic week, 2Red! You have all produced such brilliant work and many of you have gone above and beyond! Mrs Penavega and I are incredibly proud of all of you. This week’s decisions have been very difficult to make but we had to choose just two of you Smart Cookies for… Citizen of […]

Year 2- Fun Friday!

As it’s Feedback Friday, there are no learning blogs but Mrs. Nahar and I have each created a ‘fun’ blog for you to be able to do. So, as we have been stuck in front of our devices all week, let’s get up, move around and have a little fun while we’re at it! Penguin […]

Year 2… Famous Coventrians- Day 1

Today, Year 2 have been learning about a famous Coventrian…. David Moorcroft! We were fascinated to learn that he also lives in Coventry. To find out what made David famous, we researched him and found out what he raced in the olympics. So we became Olympians, just like him! What else did you learn about […]

Year 2: Summer 2 Spellings

What a fantastic half term we have had Year 2! All of your teachers are very proud of you! We hope you have a well earned rest but if you find yourself getting a little bored, here are you spellings that you can practice ready for you test on Friday 18th -Week 2. Here are […]

2 Red: Science 27.04.21

What materials would make a suitable den for Mr Fox? In Science we are linking our learning with Literacy….Fantastic Mr Fox. This week Year 2 carried out an experiment to find out which materials would be suitable for Mr Fox’s den. Watch this short video to see how they got on.