Health week in 6 Blue

In 6 Blue, we have had a fantastic week learning about our physical and mental health. We also raised lots of money for charity during our incredible dance-a-thon. Here is some of the amazing activities and work that we have done.

We investigated what someone would need to be able to dance for 24 hours.

We researched a famous sports person and found out how they learnt and developed their sports technique.

We looked at the relationship between physical and mental health, developing an understanding of strategies we can use to reduce stress and anxiety.

We found out how plants can affect our mental well-being.

We reflected on our own personal achievements and strengths.

We developed our sports talents by playing an exciting game of rounders and swimming.

2 responses to “Health week in 6 Blue”

  1. Zaeem S.

    i really enjoyed health week.

  2. Suraiyah A.

    It was a really fun week!

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