14 thoughts on “History Week- Lady Jane Grey-5 White

  1. Lady Jane grey was born on 1537 and only reigned for 9 years and never got crowned queen after her 9 day reign she got excuted by Mary.

  2. I learned that Lady Jane grey was Queen for 9 easy and was excecuted in the Tower of London in 1554 by Mary (Mary Queen of Scots )
    Today I have enjoyed making the non – chronological reports about Lady Jane Grey and learnt more about her .

  3. Today we learnt about Lady Jane Grey what I learnt was she was queen for nine days I enjoyed when were writing about her her eldest son was Grey son,Thomas.

  4. I have learnt about Lady Jane Grey. She died in the year of 1554,
    And I also enjoyed everything. Because it was absolutely wonderful today, and I also learnt everything about her and when she died.
    This day has became a wonderful day and I really enjoyed the learning and the performance of Macbeth.

  5. I have learnt that lady Jane Grey could’ve avoided being executed if she converted to Catholicism.
    I also learnt that she was 16 when she was killed.

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