How to be hygienic with 2White

In Science this afternoon, 2 White observed and investigated how germs and bacteria are spread. They took part in an experiment and were fascinated by how easily germs are transferred. Using their new knowledge of hygiene, our little scientists were able to explain how we can stay hygienic and what we must do to avoid becoming ill.

Ladybird’s Hygiene iMovie

We also started preparations for another investigation which we will be taking part in during next week’s lesson…

What changes do you think you’ll see?

When is the best time to wash your hands?

What MUST we do to stay hygienic?

How often should you brush your teeth?

3 thoughts on “How to be hygienic with 2White

  1. What MUST we do to stay hygienic?
    We must brush our hair.
    We must brush our teeth twice a day.
    We must wash our face every day.
    We must wear clean cloths.
    We must wash our hands with soap.
    We must have a bath or take a shower often.

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