Seven years ago, Broad Heath Primary School joined with HSBC to introduce a school bank. This has given many children over the years the opportunity to open their own bank account and save money for their future. Unfortunately, when Covid hit, we were unable to continue the bank as before . This did not mean the bank closed. Miss Lowe from HSBC continued to keep in touch with the school and as a company they have been able to offer the children financial lessons. These have taken place online in the past and more recently in the classrooms. These lessons have given our children information, advice and tips in order for them to make smart money choices for themselves.

As a school, we have benefited from the financial lessons and are thrilled to have been awarded the HSBC Smart Money Award 2023.

Today, Mrs Lowe from the bank visited the school and presented the trophy to Mr Patel. The children in Key stage 2 took part in an assembly where they learnt and identified key features of a bank card.

We will continue to deliver money smart lessons throughout the year.

Well Done Broad Heath!

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  1. Simra S.

    well done

  2. Jaydon C.


  3. Esa A.

    well done

  4. Ramarni J.

    Well done Mr Patel and the other staff for winning a brilliant award!๐Ÿ˜

  5. Yahya S.

    Well done Broad Heath

  6. Kanishka P.

    Congratulations to everyone

  7. Mrs Hurt

    Fantastic achievement! And thank you, Mrs Jones, for keeping the connection with HSBC and promoting their services in school!

  8. Freya S.

    Well done year 5๐ŸŽ†

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