In Year 5 the children have been learning about Sc-Fi Stories. Today they wrote their own scripts and acted them out. This helped them to improve their performance skills, dialogue, facial expressions and feelings.
Enjoy and watch our future talented stars.

The scene is between a human meeting an alien for the first time.

How can you improve your acting skills for next time?
What did you do well?
What is the difference between a narrative and a script?

4 responses to “Improving performance Skills”

  1. Alinna A.

    i was scared and nervous when i was performing.

  2. Ahmad R.

    I can improve by speking louder.
    What I did well was Acting like an alien.
    The difference of nartave and a script is navtive has invented comas , scrip doesn’t.

  3. Aiza B.

    I can improve by using more intonation and confidence.
    What I did well was when I act.

    1. Nihal P.

      To improve my acting skills, I can learn my lines so that I do not need to check my book. I could also use better words.
      The thing that I did well is that I spoke clearly so that the alien could hear me.
      A narrative has inverted commas and a script has the name of the person who needs to talk filled by a colon.

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