Individual Liberty

It is the right of everyone to make choices. These choices can range from food, clothing and how you act as long as it is within the law and does not offend. This week thousands of adults made the choice to strike. Firemen, teachers, nurses etc went on strike.

KeyStage 1 (Reception to Y2)- What is a strike and why do people strike?

Key Stage 2-(Y3-6)- Do you agree that teachers should be on strike?


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  1. We believe that teachers should not go on strike as children can’t learn properly without teachers and so will other jobs, unless there is someone replacing them

  2. I think that teachers have the right to go on strike as they do so much for us but earn not that much and since inflation is going high most people can’t afford as much.

  3. I think the teachers should go on a strike because they work so hard for us and sometimes they need a break.
    Some teachers have children that they have to take Care of so we need to let the teachers to go on a strike.

  4. Teachers should not go on strike because they need to teach the children and if the children don’t get educated they will get stressed when they grow alder.They will be confused in there A levels and GCSE’s.But at the same time they need to go on strike because they work so hard.

  5. I agree because it is not fair that teachers work at home and in school for 6 hours and they don’t get enough of what they want so it is fair for teachers to go on strike. Also teachers should be on strike because since they work so hard they need to be paid fairly so that’s why teachers can or should go on strike. So yes I agree that teachers can or should go on strike.

  6. Yes teachers should be on strike because we should be educated on these free days and they are very caring to us and treat us very well.We celebrate all kinds of things birthdays ,Christmas and eid. They find ways to make learning fun and interesting but sometimes teachers need breaks so I do think that teachers should be on strike. I think they should be getting paid for working 1hour on strike because of how hard they work
    Thank you

  7. I agree that teachers should go on strike because they work so hard for us, they even work at home for 2 hours or 3 hours, mostly they do so much hard work to make are trips especially spectacular and amazing, they don’t get inuff sleep and we do and that’s unfair for the teachers because they have children to take care of and give them milk and food like Frankie and Leo that are 1 2 or 3 years old pherhaps maybe 4 and 5 years old and we get t9 do what we want on the weekends but teachers don’t they have to work more and more in their time.