This week 1 White have been following instructions. They have been listening carefullly to follow all the parts of the instructions.

They have also been learning about ‘imperative verbs’ or bossy words and they know they have to start Instructions with these kinds of words.

Can you hear the imperative verbs in these instructions?

6 thoughts on “Instructions

  1. Here are all the bossy words or imperative verbs in the video.

    1. Can you sit on the round about.
    The bossy word sit.
    2. Can you spin Khadija?
    The bossy word is spin.
    3.Haroon,Can you please climb up the climbing frame.
    The bossy word is climb.
    4.Sanad can you slide down the pole.
    The bossy word is slide.
    5.Push the zipwire.
    The bossy word is push.
    6.can you hop?
    The bossy word was hop.
    7. Jump on the spot.
    The bossy word is jump.

    By Haroon Khan

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