Today, Year 5 have identified a UFO above Broad Heath. They are in shock and wondering whether UFO’s are real or fake?

What is your opinion of the video you have watched and why?

Do Aliens exist in this world?

Who should we report this UFO too?

Do UFO’s want to abduct humans for experimentation?

Please answer the above questions using sentences with Capital letters and full stops.

I look forward to reading your responses.

17 responses to “Is it a UFO?”

  1. Meena B.

    I think we need further investigation.

    1. Amirah T.

      Hello, I apologise for this late comment!
      I personally do not believe in aliens, because we do not have a lot of proof. We should investigate further into this mystery! There were alien sightings, but how do we know that they aren’t fake? They could have been real lots and lots of years ago but maybe they went extinct! If they were real, lots more people (including teachers and adults) would talk more about it. If we have more proof and we all believe this, we should work as a team to crack this case!

  2. Meena B.

    1. In my opinion I think UFO’s are fake but everyone has their own opinions.
    2. I think the video is edited because it looked fake and if it would be real we would have been more serious but we were doing work and there weren’t any serious bing bongs.
    3. My opinion is that aliens don’t exist in this world but I do think they could have existed in the past or a long long time ago.
    4. We should report this UFO to the police.
    5. I don’t think so… but I need more evidence that aliens are even real.

  3. Harrison S.

    I think that UFOs are real and I believe that aliens do exist because there was a UFO on year 5s roof.
    We should report the UFO to space scientists or our headteacher.
    Maybe Aliens would want to abduct humans for experimentation.

  4. Rustam M.

    It is real because the UFO is big and they are some alion in Britain

  5. Ammar W.

    I think it is real because it was taken buy someone in webster park
    aliens are real .
    we show some of the science to tell us if its rear or not

    1. Mr Andrews (Headteacher)

      Thank you everyone for looking into this. Very unusual activity has been sighted. Appreciate all your work!

  6. Ianis-Andrei D.

    I think ufo are real because there are some videos of ufo.

  7. Sara K.

    1.My opinion is that the video is fake because it was raining and I did not see the rain on the video.
    2.There might be aliens or not.
    3.we should report it to the police.
    4.I don`t know because they might want to or they might not.

  8. Ravi P.

    If flying UFOS exist that means that Aliens exist
    we should report this to MR Andrew Beacuse the UFO landed on top of year five and MR Andrew is the head teacher of BroadHeath
    Aliens may want to abduct humans Beacuse they may have never seen one

    1. Mr Andrews (Headteacher)

      Thank you for sharing your concern. We will continue to keep a look-out!

  9. Olivier T.


  10. Sayda A.

    I think that alinens don’t exist because it was proper edit I think you should report this to the internation space centr i think they want abduct humans and use them for experimentations

  11. Alex M.

    I think aliens exist in this world.
    I think we should Report This to mr Andrew .
    I think there want to abduct us for experimentation.

  12. Aqsaa F.

    UFO’s are real and it looked in he video.

    Aliens do not exist to this day, no life outside of Earth has ever been found, and there’s no evidence that alien life.

    (Continue the work tomorrow)

  13. Ahmad R.

    I do not think it is real because a UFO has not been seen since 2002.

    Aliens do not exist.

    We should report it to the headteacher and the government.

    Some UFO’s might be friendly and some might want to hurt us.

  14. Manha S.

    What is your opinion of the video you have watched and why?
    My opinion is that ufos don’t exist.
    Do Aliens exist in this world?
    No they don’t.
    Who should we report this UFO too?
    We should report this ufo to the police 👮
    Do UFO’s want to abduct humans for experimentation?
    No, I don’t think so.

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