It’s Audition Time!!

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Hey Year 6! Would you like to play a starring role in the end of year play? Well now’s your chance.

You will need to complete an audition on Monday 16th May.

Within the audition you will be requested to say some lines of the play and sing a section of a song.

These are the parts that you can audition for:

The Good Queen

Snow White (solo singing)

The Bad Queen (solo talking vocal)

Prince (dashingly handsome)

The King


Beneath you will find the text that you need to learn. You can choose whether to learn the part of Snow White or Woodcutter (This does not mean that these are the parts that you will be). You will perform with a teacher as the other part – they will be reading from the sheet, you need to know the lines by heart.


Run, Snow White, run, and never come back.

Your life is in danger, you’re under attack.

The queen wants you wiped off the face of the earth.

Run Snow White, run for all you’re worth.

Snow White

Oh thank you, woodcutter, for sparing me so.

Deeper into the dark forest I’ll go.

Farewell my furry chums, you’ve been great buddies.

Please don’t forget to keep up with your studies (she runs off)

Beneath is the song. You need to learn and practise both parts so we can see how you sing and say the different voices. I have included both versions, one to sing along with and one for you to practise without the backing vocals. Don’t worry if you’re not perfect… We will help and coach you over the next few weeks. The lyrics to the section are beneath the MP3s.

Yeah, she’s the Queen,

Her beauty is so great that it’s obscene,

With talents deeper than the deepest sea,

And we won’t disagree ’cause she’s the queen.

They wouldn’t dare,

’Cause I can kill a puppy dog with just one stare.

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  1. I would like to audition for the bad queen because:
    1) I asked my friends who I should audition for and they said the bad queen
    2) My voice for the bad queen is somewhat decent

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