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January Newsletter 2023

14 responses to “January Newsletter 2023”

  1. Maryum N.

    We will miss you loads you are the best headteacher xxx

    1. Head Teacher

      And you are the best in terms of pupil that any Head can ask for.x

  2. Mohammed W.

    We will miss you Mrs.Frankish, Thank you for everything you’ve done for us.All the best for your future.

    1. Head Teacher

      Appreciate this message, thank you.x

  3. Sharon A.

    We all miss you such a caring and loving Mrs. Frankish. I will never forget you xx

    I wish you greater achievements in the future.

    1. Head Teacher

      Ahh what a lovely message, big hugs and see you at the Saturday club.x

  4. Kaif B.

    we will always remember you. Thank you Mrs Frankish.

    1. Head Teacher

      Thank you Kaif, I will always remember you .x

  5. Amina H.

    We will miss you and never forget you.

    1. Head Teacher

      Ahh thank you, lovely message..x

  6. Aisha A.

    we will miss u aisha wants u to stay because u always been nice

    1. Head Teacher

      Ahh thank you, I will miss you too.x

  7. Sania K.

    We will all miss you Mrs Frankish I hope that the new head teacher will be just like you . I hope that you will remember all that you have succeded for us and yourself .

    1. Head Teacher

      Ahhh thank you and I will always remember you too. X

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