193 thoughts on “KINDNESS MATTERS

  1. I helped by playing with someone who was sad.
    I helped today by filling the water bottles in morning once.
    I picked litter up from the floor.

  2. I love to be kind to people and smile to them because they smile back at me. Every time when I come in to school I will smile at my friends or teachers because they support me the most and that’s what i like. I love to help the teachers and I would love to help my friend to. And also I care for my community by helping pick litter in my eco academy.

  3. 1. I have opened doors for my family ,friends and teachers.
    2. I played with someone when they had nothing fun to do.
    3. I listen and help everyone I can with problems.

  4. Aaron-Yesterday I picked up litter from the floor and put it in the bin.I showed the values kindness and respect.
    Meena- Yesterday I helped my mum when she had an head ache. I showed the values of kindness and brilliance.

  5. Madeeha- I have been kind when I opened the door for other people and I also gave my blessings to Pakistan.
    Khadijah- I have been kind when I shared my lunch with my baby sister and I also let my younger cousin play on my iPad

    Khadijah And Madeeha.

  6. I scored a goal for my team this made a difference because after my team won and we all said good game to each other to have good sportsmanship.

  7. It is important to be kind to each other it is not the only thing to be kind to people you can be kind to the earth . Kind is the most important thing to do.

  8. 1.I have been kind to my friends Ameena , Hamida and Hadiya by
    when they are sad I play with them.
    2.l take care of the Ruth🌏 by picking liter. 🚯🗑

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