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Monday Rugby Club – Starts Today

The following children has signed up for after school club. There are still 7 spaces available for those who would like to attend. If you would like your child to go please fill out the form below.


Mustafa iqbal4 Blue
Inder Singh4 Blue
Khadeeja Mustafa4 Red
Arfa shahzad4 Red
Alima4 Red
Rola Simoyan4 White
Aqsaa Faisal4 White
Yoshita Pawar4 White
Sabiha Kara4 Red

3 responses to “Monday Rugby Club – Starts Today”

  1. Harrison S.

    Hi has Harrison got a place for the tag rugby club?

    1. Mr Rawlings

      Yes he has, it will be great to have him there Monday.

      1. Harrison S.

        That’s great, thank you

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