Notice the two slightly different speeds.

which do you prefer? Which has more intensity?

Monday: Please just play the piece on the background at some point.
Tuesdays: ask pupils to tap along to the music.

Weds: ask pupils to stand up, close their eyes and tap/ move in anyway they feel to the music.

Thursday: ask pupils to do the same as Weds- but, they can open their eyes if they choose to do so.

Friday: ask pupils to listen carefully to the music and to make any movements that they feel appropriate around the classroom.


7 responses to “Movement to music”

  1. Fatima S.

    It was a lot of fun 🤩

  2. Eliza N.

    1. I prefer the slow one because it’s more easy to hear but with the fast one it’s too fast I can’t keep up with the beat
    2. I think the slow one has more intensity. I feel calm and relaxed when I hear it

  3. Musa B.

    I really like dong music but sometimes I don’t have the felling to do music

  4. Arhan Sarkar

    Thanks Mr Russell, I feel worried and a little bit of relaxed

  5. Hadiya M.

    Thank you for the instruction😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😔😥😒

  6. Tana I.

    Thank you for the instruction

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