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Ms Janjua’s Super Sonnets

This week we have started a new topic in English about Poetry. Year 6 have researched and learned about William Shakespeare and his famous Sonnet 18. They learned about the structure and language of the poem and looked at other Sonnets with the same features. Today, Year 6 performed how to read a Sonnet. They worked hard on their intonation and expressions. A super effort.

Take a look at their videos and leave a comment.

What can you improve on next time?
What did you find difficult?

8 responses to “Ms Janjua’s Super Sonnets”

  1. Lexi M.

    Well done you guys all did amazing.

  2. Ayaan M.

    I loved the sonnets and the iMovie.

  3. Malachy B.

    I think i did good

  4. Rubab G.

    I really enjoyed it!
    I could speak louder but not loud.
    I found speaking the difficult because I was scared to say it what if I said it wrong.

  5. Yunus R.

    That was fun

  6. Aalya H.

    I liked when we did the sonnet it was fun and good everyone did amazing but what we need to is so,e actions and look at the camera more but we did amazing

  7. Diana D.

    I loved it but you guys can improve look at the camera a bit more well done

  8. Tana I.

    I loved the I movie .
    I think what you can improve is to speak a bit more loudly.

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