Music to remember

Rest well Queen Elizabeth II

23 thoughts on “Music to remember

  1. Rest in peace your Majesty we will never forget you you are such a beautiful noble Queen and thank you for 70 years of service your Majesty thank you🥹😅😂🤣🥲

  2. The Queen was really helpful to us and looked after many people in different types of countries. She is someone I will never ever forget. This is really heart breaking news to here around she ruled lots of countries that breaks lots of people’s hearts. This is upsetting I knew her well.
    Anyways, everyone just live your life along. I hope your not so sad. I am…😭

  3. I’m really upset that she has died but I knwo she must be in a wonderful place know.. it makes me so sad I’m still thinking about her till from this day till tomorrow I still will remember her and the good things she did for us..

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