National Numeracy Day in 6B!

A day filled with a range of challenging and creative, cross-curricular Maths activities!


We broke a Guinness World record! TTRS hosted a live stream on youtube for the most ”viewed” number roll! We took part and nationally we smashed the record with over 5000 schools taking part!

Islamic Geometric Art:

Maths links to a range of cross-curricular subjects and we made the link with Art! We created Islamic Art patterns using our geometric knowledge! For many, this was the first time they used a compass to create accurate patterns and form lines of symmetry! It was fantastic to see the precision and detail in the children’s patterns!

Growth Mindset Challenges: (YouCubed)


Active Maths Swimming!

Children could practice their lengths only when they were able to do rapid arithmetic facts including rounding, percentages, and four operations! Then we played a game where every ball had a numerical value and they had to score the most points in teams!

What did you enjoy about the day? What did you find challenging? Did you find out any key facts about Islamic art?


  1. I enjoyed the four fold patterns, at first they were a bit hard but later on they became easier. I found out that Islamic art can come in different folds, for example, 6 fold pattern and each one of these always have a circle in the middle representing unity.

  2. I enjoyed the Islamic art and the swimming since it was challenging and fun. Also all of the activities are linked to Maths which makes it more difficult and exiting.

  3. I found that in Islamic art they use shapes and geometry and the main shapes used are circles, squares, hexagons and pentagons. What I enjoyed was playing in the pool and doing active maths in the pool.

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