New beginnings

What a week, 5 great days at BH.The start of a new journey for some and for others we continue the quest. We were reminded this week that our lives are given to us for certain periods of time and they will end. The death of HM the Queen brought us great sorrow but the baton has been passed on and we will survive, grow and gain.

Enjoy your time at Broad Heath, embrace every new experience and gain from it. If you can’t do, show resilience, if you feel happy share it and be kind and if you fear, remember how brave you are.

See you all Monday, breakfast club as normal, please remember the days you have PE and please bring your Swimming kits( years 1-5.) Reception you PE day is Thursday and Nursery is a Friday.


45 thoughts on “New beginnings

  1. Thankyou Mrs Frankish for your lovely post and thankyou for the information for the swimming clubs.We were confused and we asked few teachers who said year 1 dont have swimming but as you mentioned we will send swimming kits for our children.

  2. It’s very sad news about are Queen. May she rest in peace. I know I well gain at broad heath because well have great teachers to help us though and a great head teacher to help us all .

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