2 Red go to the Circus!

We all had a brilliant time! Take a look below.

9 responses to “2 Red go to the Circus!”

  1. Mustafa A.

    I l love the 🎪

  2. Aqsa S.

    When we done it it was fun.

    1. Mrs Penavega

      What did you enjoy taking part in best?

  3. Sulaiman A.

    I loved the hoolla hoop tricks. It was a fun day. Thank you.

  4. Mrs Penavega

    Great news! Which part was your favourite?

  5. Jasmine P.

    it was so fun

    1. Mrs Penavega

      Hello Jasmine. I’m glad you enjoyed it. Which part did you like best

  6. Naksh P.

    That was the best day ever that was my first time going to the Circus

    1. Mrs Penavega

      Hi Naksh. Did you enjoy watching the entertainers or joining in best?

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