Year 3 have been learning the names of pets in this half term topic. They wanted to share their learning with all of you and teach you as well!

How many pets names can you remember? Please list these on the blog.

Can you also find out the names of different animals in Spanish that are not pets e.g. sea animals, mammals, safari animals, variety of birds etc

10 responses to “Pets in Spanish”

  1. Fatima S.

    I love you so good and love you all my heart ❤️ love 💗

  2. Nabiha I.

    And nice vidio!!!😊

  3. Nabiha I.

    1. I know that cat in Spanish is un gato.
    2. I know that fish in Spanish is un pez.
    3. I know that horse in Spanish is un cabayo.
    4. I know that hamster in Spanish is un hamster.
    5. I know that bird in Spanish is un paharo.

    1. Cow in Spanish is la vaco.
    2. Lion in Spanish is lio’n.

  4. Sami J.

    nice video

  5. Sami J. gato pez perro
    4.snake-una serepente
    5.parrot-un loro
    6.mice-un raton
    7. hourse-un caballo
    10.hamster-un hamster

  6. Alya M.

    ungato is cat
    Un pez is fish

  7. Aadam R.

    Un gato cat
    Un pez fish
    Un pero dog
    Un serepente snake

  8. Kitan O.

    I love the video

  9. Mya F.

    well done to you all Four Do a pets in Spanish.

  10. Ebunoluwa I.

    Un Gato cat
    Un Pero dog
    Un pez fish
    Un semtere sake

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