This afternoon, the children wrote questions to ask a range of BH Citizens about their school role. This included our very own School Councillors, Miss Bhangu and Mr Mahmood. The children were simply BRILLIANT! We loved your questions everyone!
If you would like to ask us a question, type it below 😁


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  1. To be a good citizen you need to show teamwork, tenacity, respect rezeilance,brilliance,communications, honesty, imagination,kindness, knowledge,empathy and individuality.

    • Thank you for your question, Elgin. I became a teacher because I was inspired by other teachers who were fantastic at their job. Additionally, I trained to become a teacher to teach amazing children like you!

  2. Which school did u teach first miss Bhangu?
    How do you help the community yusuf?
    What topics do you teach the pupils in the years that you work in mr mahmood?

    • Thank you for your question, Bil. We teach a range of exciting topics in Y2. We are currently learning about famous people. Can you tell me something interesting about one of the people we have learned about?

      • Florence Nightingale is a nurse that teaches 38 nurses all the way to turkey. When the Crimean war was over the soldiers were at the hospital and Florence Nightingale came to see what had happened at the hospital. But she had seen wounded soldiers that were not feeling well so Florence Nightingale told all the 38 nurses to clean the hospital to make it clean and hygienic again so the soldiers can be looked after in a clean hospital.