Reception Blue- Autumn 2- Week 3

This week we carried on with our topic for this half term is ‘Fantastic Lights’ where we will be learning about dark and light, seasonal changes and celebrations. We also continued with our PSHE work ; Getting On’.😊

Communication and Language- To listen and talk about stories to build understanding. We listened to the story of A Dark, Dark Tale by Ruth Brown.

Literacy- To write using their phonic skills. To match initial sounds to words.

To read cvc words.

Basic Skills – To develop finger muscles in preparation for writing.

To develop pencil control : pre- handwriting patterns and to practise name writing.

Maths – To make collections of 5.

To compare sets and say which has more.

To explore shapes with 4 sides.

Understanding of the worldTo explore the school to find light and dark places.

PSED/SEAL– To work in groups, sharing and taking turns.

Expressive Art/Design– To practise singing songs for our Nativity.

SMSC-To know what happens at Sukkot.


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