Each week you will be set a piece of Literacy and Mathematics homework online to complete. There is also a WOW homework which is optional.

The homework will be set every Friday and needs to be completed by Wednesday of the following week in your homework books and uploaded to your class links below.

Leave a comment on the blog when you have completed your homework.

Please view the Homework Planner below…

Literacy Homework Challenges

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Learn to read and write the words below, and to extend yourself further attempt to write the word in a sentence.

Click on the Set 1 or Set 2 Green Words below and practice reading them.

Mathematics Homework Challenges

Education City Learning (Just click on the icon and enter your login details): Play Carnival Frenzy

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Education City Learning (Just click on the icon and enter your login details): Play Carnival Frenz

Please Upload your homework on via your class links below.

Reception Red Click Here

Reception Blue Click Here

Reception White Click Here

55 responses to “Reception Homework Summer 1 Week 1”

  1. Bilaal K.

    bilaal has done his work on education city.

  2. Bilaal K.

    Bilaal completed set1 green words.

  3. Arham S.

    I have completed my homework and education city. I got 100%.

  4. Saalihah H.

    Completed homework but education city keeps freezing

  5. Iqra S.

    iqra got %100

  6. Murtaza A.

    Murtaza has completed his homeowork.

  7. Latifa A.

    Latifa has finished her homework and I uploaded her works, sorry for the delay.

  8. Adela C.

    Ella is reception red has completed her homework

  9. Elgin A.

    Elgin has Completed his homework for week Summer Term 1.He got 100% and has uploaded his writing.He has practiced his sounds and has finished his reading book .

    Yours Truly,
    Asia -Older Sister

  10. Alyla S.

    Aiyla has completed her homework
    i have sent that
    she got 100 percent on education city

  11. Hannah B.

    Hannah read all the green words and practised writing 50 words

  12. Hannah B.

    Hannah has scored 100% on her maths homework

  13. Muhammad U.

    Bilal had done his literacy homework learning the set 1 and set 2 green words still practicing the set 2 green words towards the end found it abit tricky.

  14. Dominik B.

    Dominik has completed his homework

  15. Liyana M.

    Liyana has completed both the maths and literacy homework.

  16. Kayla P.

    Kayla has completed her work and scored 100% on education city for her maths. For her literacy she tried her best o read/practice the green words set 1. I have uploaded her work.

  17. Warizah I.

    Warizah scored 94% in education City

    1. Warizah I.

      Warizah has done her homework.. She practiced set 1 green words i have upload her homework pictures

  18. Adam O.

    Adam has completed his homework and we have uploaded a picture.
    He scored 100% on Education City.

  19. Maryum N.

    Maryums work has been emailed in.

  20. Liliana S.

    Lily has completed her homework, Inc. Education city, reading and writing the words and set1, however has struggled with set3.

  21. Maximilian J.

    Max has completed everything. I sent a picture.

  22. Huzaifah J.

    Huzaifah has completed his homework

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