97 responses to “Request for 1 day of absence to Celebrate Recognised Religious Festival 2023”

  1. Osato O.

    Thanks for the information!

  2. Khairy S.

    I will not be in on Thursday

  3. Sumayyah A.

    Just to let you know I won’t be attending on Thursday. Unfortunately the form is closed. Sorry for short notice.

    1. Head Teacher

      Ok, you went to Drayton so are celebrating Thursday?

      1. Shahzaib M.

        I will not be here on thursday

      2. Sumayyah A.


  4. Shahzad S.

    I will not be in Thursday

  5. Adam K.

    Adam will not be in thursday.

  6. Rahim A.

    I was going to go on both days but my parents have changed their minds and don’t want me to go on Wdnesday but the form is closed can I please have the day off?

    1. Head Teacher

      Yes you can and what a shame you are missing DM.

  7. Rafay

    Hi All Rafay will be attending school on Wednesday.

  8. Mohammed K.

    Imaad will take a day off on Wednesday

    1. Freya S.

      Freya won’t be in school today. For eid

  9. Sarah B.

    I won’t be in on Thursday

  10. Yasmin A.

    I’m am of on Wednesday

  11. Amirah T.

    Amirah will be off on Thursday, thank you.

  12. Esa A.

    I am of on wednesday

  13. Sara H.

    I will be taking Wednesday and Thursday off so I could celebrate Eid.

    1. Head Teacher

      Only 1 day is authorised. Sorry.

    2. Marceline C.

      Marceline will take Thursday off.


  14. Mahrokh Z.

    Mahrokh is taking the day off on Thursday for Eid.

  15. Adam O.

    I am not coming on Wednesday but it does not work.

  16. Asim A.

    Miss the form is gone can l have a holiday

    1. Head Teacher

      Yes you can.

  17. Safa K.

    Hello Safa will be taking off Wednesday for eid. I’ve tried to fill the form but it’s not allowing me. Thank you. X

  18. Romeesa T.

    Moiz will not be in on thrusday and will be in Tomorrow and the form doesn’t work thankyou .

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