Happy Tank

Many of you were given a book , the Happy Tank by John Magee. As a happiness matters school, please can you leave a review of the book telling us the best bits, how it made you feel, recommendations etc. Let’s see who can write the best review. Get your creative juices flowing and perhaps use quotes from the book itself.

99 responses to “Happy Tank”

  1. Sumayyah A.

    The happy tank is a great book to look when you’re sad or angry and need to calm down I like the breathing because you’re not doing anything and just concentrating on your breathing. I also like it’s showing you some good and bad habits so you could do them.

  2. Bethany P.

    I like how it tells different ways to calm and make urself happy , and gives me a chance to breathe and relax

  3. Raiyan K.

    It made me feel good and something I really like about is that how different people can use it , such as teachers.

  4. Leon Thomas-Millward

    I enjoyed reading the HAPPY TANK.My favourite relaxation technique was breathing because I can feel myself calm down.
    The stories made me happy and I would recommend it to everyone

  5. Yaw A.

    I enjoyed the happy tank. It had good recommendations and good techniques for keeping calm. It was very peaceful. Some of the best bits had humour in it. Overall, it was a really good book and it most likely helped a lot of people.

  6. Rahat A.

    The Happy Tank is a great way of learning new ways to keep your mind to relax and recuperate from any problems giving a range of stories and different techniques to help those who need those happy-exercises.

  7. Shahzad S.

    I enjoy the happy tank because it has fun activities to make you feel better such as the happy tapping.

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