12 responses to “Royal Albert Hall”

  1. Evie T.

    Well done all of you guys I bet it was great fun. You guys should be very proud of yourself.

    Very very very well done you guys you deserved it to all of you guys .give you a pat on the

  2. Tipian I.

    Great .
    This should be very memorable for the people who did go

  3. Zahra N.

    Hope u all enjoyed the royal Albert Hall trip!+

  4. Liliana S.

    Thank you for this amazing opportunity, the concert was a great experience for all who attended.

  5. Yaseen S.

    Yo I wanted to be in choir

  6. Iyla H.

    So cool have a great day

  7. Gurshaanpreet S.

    I hoped that you really liked it your Trip

  8. Maximilian J.

    That’s so cool

  9. Mahid H.

    Very nice 👌🏻

  10. Maryam K.

    Wow so cool but I was not here at tuesday

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