RW – What have we been up to this week?

We have had another busy week continuing with our topic of ‘Journeys and Transport’. Please take at some of our wonderful learning and leave a comment to explain your favourite part of the week and why. 😊

PSED– To know what to do when I feel angry.

During circle time we discussed how we can deal with our emotions in effective ways. We thought about how we can remove ourselves from situations that might make us feel angry and what we can do to calm ourselves down when we do feel angry.

Understanding of the World– To look at how transport have changed.

We looked at different modes of transport and decided if they were new forms of transport or old. We sorted them accordingly. We also compared different transport using our phonetic skills when writing.

Communication and Literacy – Children to talk about a journey they have been on.

During carpet time we thought about different journeys we have been on with our friends and family. We thought about different items that we might pack into our suitcase if we were to go on holiday and Mrs Langley showed us what she would pack in her suitcase! We discussed different journeys and holidays that we had been on and listened carefully to one another.

Maths- To develop an understanding of the composition of numbers to 10.

We developed a deeper understanding of the composition of numbers to 5 and to 10. We used numicon shapes and counters to support our learning and we began to develop an understanding of the part, part, whole frame.

SMSC- To know about special places for Christians.

SEAL- To draw/write about a favourite moment from their time in Reception to create a memory book ( to be displayed in class book corner).

EAD- To draw a picture of somewhere I have visited.

Literacy- To use phonological knowledge to write a list.

3 thoughts on “RW – What have we been up to this week?

  1. Wow what a super week of learning Mrs Langley, some amazing pictures and videos, to showcase all the fantastic things we have done this week.I wonder if any of Reception White can tell us what they enjoyed about their learning this week.

    • Hi Aaron some good talking this week, glad to see you joining in during carpet time. 👍 It sounds like fun, going to the beach on your birthday. You are going to have a fantastic time Aaron!😊

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