RW – What have we been up to this week?

We have had another busy week continuing with our topic of ‘Journeys and Transport’. Please take at some of our wonderful learning and leave a comment to explain your favourite part of the week and why. 😊

PSED– To know how to be safe in the sun.

The children discussed and identified how to stay safe in the sun. They thought about how the sun can help us and what precautions they need to take when being out in the sun. They were able to dress a ‘child’ ready for a day in the sun.

Understanding if the World– To write about the bear’s journey in ’The Everywhere Bear’ by Julia Donaldson and Rebecca Hobb.

The children shared the story ‘The Everywhere Bear’. They retold the story focussing on the Bear’s journey and wrote about the Bear’s journey using phonetical knowledge to help when writing independently.

Communication and Literacy – Children to take bear on a journey around school and talk about his new journey using full sentences.

The children were introduced to Mrs Langley’s daughter Ophelia’s very own ‘Everywhere Bear’. Ophelia set the children a challenge to see if they could take her Bear on a journey around Broad Heath school. The children thought about where he might like to visit and in small groups they took him to a different place for an adventure. They also created a map to show his journey around Broad Heath. It looks like Ophelia’s Everywhere Bear had a great adventure at BH!

Maths- To develop an understanding of odd and even.

The children worked hard to develop a deeper understanding of odd and even numbers. They shared an amount of objects between two people and discussed whether they could share fairly or not. They were then able to identify whether each number was odd or even.

SMSC- To know about a place which is special for Muslims.

The children looked at the different features of a mosque and what is found inside. The children discussed what Muslims do when at the mosque and how they feel when they are there.

SEAL- To present things we have enjoyed doing in Reception to the Nursery children.

The children visited Nursery to present to them what they enjoy doing in Reception as part of Nursery transition.

EAD- To draw a map of our journey to school.

The children discussed their journey to school. They thought about the different ‘sights’ that they see on their journey to school and drew a map to show these and their journey from home to school.

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  1. Orange group went to the library with the Everywhere Bear. It was fun taking him. I loved having races and getting a medal from sports day.

    • Adam said he really enjoyed sports day and winning the medal. Adam also enjoyed going to visit the year 1 class room and enjoyed drawing map journey from home to school

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