School Council

Broad Heath
Primary School

School Council Meeting : Wednesday 1st April 2.30pm

1. Are the weekly Roles of Honour a good thing on the web site? Why?
A resounding “Yes”.
Yr2 – Great Idea because all children honoured have tried their best.
Yr3 – Gives opportunity for everyone to share success
Yr4 – Positive actions representative of our school.
Yr5 – Shared success across the school.
Yr 6 – Encourages everyone to try hard and do well.
2. Which ICT programmes do you find are most beneficial to your learning at home? For what reason?
Yr6 –“SATs on Line” to learn exam techniques.
Yr5 – “Mathletics” it supports learning by showing your score and progress made.
Yr2/Yr3/Yr4 – “Schoolbo” : very popular.
“I am Learning” was mentioned by all year groups because of the variety of learning presented.

3. Any other comments about our school blog?
Yr2/4 – Showcases our learning and shares information about our learning.
Yr5 – An opportunity to exchange comments with each other, both pupils and teachers.
• 19 School Councillors commented that their parents looked on the blog.
• 6 Councillors said that they had visited other school sites.

4. Is the Skills Academy something that should continue and why?
A “Yes, Yes, Yes” from everyone.
Many reasons – fun and we learn from other teachers.
– Nice way to end the school week.
– Good opportunity to learn new skills.
Councillor Simran (Yr5) asked about reintroducing the “award badges” for attending a range of skills.

5. Year 6 – Any comments about the Saturday morning learning sessions?
Thanks were given to Mrs Frankish, Mr Griffin, Tracey, Miss Saunders, Mrs Raja Khan and Miss Dewar for their support.

Yr4 asked if there was an opportunity for them to attend an after school Literacy and Maths club.

The meeting closed at 3pm

4 thoughts on “School Council

    • Thank you for your comment Farhaad.
      School Council meetings are really important because the councillors put forward the feelings and ideas of of their class.
      Its good fun too because the council members are good Broad Heath citizens and they represent their class really well

  1. I really enjoyed the Saturday mornings. I saw lots of amazing learning and those smiling faces made it all worth staying to help.
    Remember to comment on the blogs!!

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