Science in 3 Blue

What an exciting science lesson we have has today. We have been learning about the skeleton and muscles in our bodies. Today we looked at the tendons in our hands and how they move. 

Have a look at at our video below to see all the fun we got up to. 

What are the three roles of the skeleton?

What are muscles?

How do our muscles work? 

4 thoughts on “Science in 3 Blue

  1. The three roles of a skeleton is support, movement and protection a muscle is a tissue is in a human or animal’s body our muscles work by when we lift up our muscles, your tedons gather up and gets squashed and when you release it, your own arm is relaxed

  2. The three roles of the skeleton are: Support,Movement and protection.A muscle is a tissue in a human or animal body.Our muscles work by our tendons.When you squish your tendons/muscles gather up and be squashed also when you release your own arm relaxes.

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