18 responses to “Singing”

  1. Tana I.

    Wow I like the songs

  2. Yoshita P.

    They are amazing.

  3. Inder S.

    I liked all of the songs🎶

    1. Maryum N.

      I had a lovely time with the Singing Assembly it was Really Amazing seeing and watching and singing it was really fun and okay being Year 2s Because they do swimming all day long But thanks for the information!♡

  4. Esa A.

    I loved it

  5. Elham S.

    I really enjoyed there’s a sky full of stars!

  6. Maryam N.

    I loved all the Songs at singing Assembly my favorite was sing 2 turning red and dance 🐒 because they made me happy and I haven’t seen sing 2 befor I loved it and thank you teachers and MR russel

  7. Muhammad R.

    I really enjoyed the songs

  8. Xlexben F.

    I have listed to all the song.

  9. Kanishka P.

    I had fun in the assembly because the music is so amazing

  10. Caleb A.

    I really enjoyed this music 🎧

  11. Caleb A.

    I really in goyd this music 🎧

  12. Mopelola L.

    I loved the music!!

  13. Zahraa Y.

    I would love to participate and sing these songs!

  14. Tipian I.

    Rhanjj on you

    1. Tipian I.

      Sorry I mean thank yiu

      1. Tipian I.

        I mean you

  15. Samanta V.

    I have listened to them, and I really enjoyed it!

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