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Sky Blues:5 White: In the community

Hi 5 White,

Hello 5 White, This half term we have had SkyBlue in the community who have come in each Friday afternoon to work with Year 5. They have shared the Joy of Movement starting off in Week 1- Physical Activity, in Week 2 we learnt about how physical activity can effect body and mind. In week 3 we learnt about Eating Well and what food we should eat to be fit and well. Week 4 and 5 we planned a healthy meal and why hydration( drinking water) is important. Week 6 we evaluated and talked about how we can include everyday what we have learned over the past half term. Share what you have enjoyed about ’The joy of movement’ with SkyBlues in the community. Stay healthy and stay safe and enjoy your break.


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  1. I enjoyed sky blues this term. I learned more about hydration and why we should keep fit and healthy. I now know more about the healthy diet plate and what more we should eat. My favourite part of sky blues was playing dodgeball with Denis.