Year 1 SMSC- How babies are welcomed in different religions.

Today, in SMSC, the children in Red, Orange and Yellow group developed an understanding of how babies are welcomed into different religions. They looked at the different ceremonies or rituals that followers of each religion participate in. For this activity they looked closely at Christianity and Islam.

Have a look at the videos below, of the children explaining how certain religions welcome babies.

1 Blue
1 White
1 Red

How do Christians welcome a baby?
List 2 things that are part of the ceremony?
Have you ever been to a Christening? What did you see?
How do Muslims welcome a baby?
What is the special word that is first whispered into the baby’s ear?
What ritual do they do and why?

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  1. Christians welcome a baby call christening ceremony
    Christians give a baby a Christian name
    Christian’s priest put holy water in the baby’s head
    Christian’s put cross with oil on the baby’s forehead
    Muslims read Azzam in baby’s ears
    They shaving the baby’s head hair off

  2. Christians give a baby a Christian name
    They put water in the baby’s face
    They put a cross on th forehead
    Muslims first perform ad than in baby’s ears
    They put dates on the baby’s mouth
    They cut the first hair of the baby sothat he or she is purified

  3. Christians welcome baby by putting little bit of water on the forehead. They also put some oil on there forhead.
    No Adam hasn’t been to christening.
    Muslims welcome baby by shaving there heads bold and in there ear read Azaan.
    When they grow up they go to the mosque and read the Holy book and pray at the mosque.

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