SMSC- Why is the Bible important to Christians?

Today Year 3 made posters showcasing their knowledge of Christianity. The children used their creativity and imagination to create lovely posters all about why the Bible is important.

Please see the gallery below to see our posters.

Why is the bible important to Christians? Comment your answers below.


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  1. It really tells them how to behave and stay calm if somthing bad happened to you like if your sad I’d your not friends anymore with you BFF. JUST RELAX LIKE STAY CALM.CALM DOWN.

  2. The bible is important to Christians because it gives them advice and guidance. The bible also tells them lots of differ ,famous stories that are in the bible and it tells you what happened to people in the past and if they had good or bad lives.But when you read it it really helps you and if you read it god will be so much happier than he was before and these words in the bible are all gods words.

  3. The Bible is important because it as stories like Adam and Eve and it has 27 New Testament and 39 old Testament and the British le helps people read.

  4. Why is the bible important to Christians?
    The Christian holy book is the Bible and it is a special book for the Christians. This teaches them kindness and different things that are good related to their faith. It includes the teachings of Jesus.

  5. The Bible is important for Christians because it teaches them important stories like Adam and Eve. The Bible teaches Christians to worship Jesus and God.
    There are 39 old books and 27 new?!

  6. The Bible is important to Christians because Christians refer it to the word of God which tells them how to be a Christian and what things are right and wrong. This is like the story Adam and Eve because they didn’t obey God but there is another story which is Noah and the Ark. Noah does the right thing by listening to God and getting two of each animal.
    It also teaches them to be respectful and listen.

  7. The bible is important to Christians because it has a lot of different stories that are important.
    There are 27 new testaments and 39 old testaments all together it’s 66.

  8. The bible is important to the christians because it teaches the good stuff and also it teaches them different types of stories i know one storie that is the story of Adam and Eve.
    In the story it is when adam is alone then he finds a girl called eve they were both walking and then they found a apple tree that they ate that they were not allowed to eat so then they got punished by god because if you listen to god you will recive the things that you want do not talk to people that you do not know.