As I start this blog, I am wondering how many of our families will attend our final session…

We had another very successful session this week, with even more families attending. Seeing the families working, learning and playing alongside the staff who had very kindly given up their time was very special. Please watch the clip below showing some of the activities that were available today.

26 responses to “Social Saturday Session 4-4th February 2023”

  1. Maryum N.

    It looks really fun but I can’t watch it:

  2. Toleen S.

    It looks really fun I wish I could come but I can’t.🥺🥺🥺😢😢😢😭

  3. Aiza B.

    I am coming on the final session.

    1. Head Teacher

      The final session has happened Aiza sorry.

      1. Aiza B.

        It’s ok next time thanks.

  4. Kinza A.

    I can’t come

  5. Israa F.

    Thank you Mrs Frankish and the other staff members who gave a fantastic time we had so much fun.

  6. Awais J.

    It was fun and a great we session

  7. Sidra M.

    It was really good and we had fun. Thanks to all the teachers and staff for arranging Social Saturdays.

    1. Head Teacher

      Thank you for supporting.

  8. Mahid H.

    Get well very soon miss raja khan thank you for all your support and efforts and thank you for all the staff members 💐💐💐

    1. Head Teacher

      It wasn’t Mrs RRK who was poorly but thank you for your good wishes.

  9. Mahid H.

    Waw that sounds great 👍 kep it up everyone 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

  10. Tipian I.

    Wow looks like you had fun

  11. Saladin M.

    Good evening.
    Thank you once again for the fun Saturday club. Thank you Mrs Frankish and all the teachers for their time and care.
    Hope you feel better soon Mrs Frankish.
    We appreciate all the teachers giving their time especially many hours proving fun, food and safety.


    1. Head Teacher

      What a lovely message and thank you.x

  12. Haris S.

    I enjoyed a lot

  13. Hadiya M.


  14. Hurayn A.

    I had so much fun and was sad when it ended. 😔

  15. Yusuf A.

    We had a fantastic time and are amazed with everyone’s effort who put together Social Saturday! There was a variety of things to do and parents got an insight to their children’s life at school. Please keep this up, a lot of parents work weekdays and are unable to attend activities so weekend sessions are brilliant. 👍👍

    1. Head Teacher

      When I created this and set it up, I needed the help of other people. I am lucky that I have a fantastic staff who gave their time without pay. They too have families and need family time. I will be looking into perhaps one Social Saturday every half term going forward…..thank you for the fantastic feedback and sorry I was not there yesterday as I was poorly. I too have enjoyed them.

      1. Yusuf A.

        You are welcome. Thank you for setting this up. Once every half term would be brilliant. Maybe the children of the teachers supporting on the day can join us! 👍

        1. Head Teacher

          They have done previously. Thank you.

  16. Manha S.


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