Spring 2, Week 3 Mrs Diaz’s Phonics group. Phoneme ea.

Hello to my phenomenal phonics group. For this weeks phonics, we have been looking at the phoneme ‘ea’ We discussed the words the sound would be in and then wrote them into sentences. For this session we looked at the RWI book ‘Jellybean’ We talked about the book and used our inference skills to answer questions. Take a look at the short video below showing you the ea phoneme we have been learning this week.

CHALLENGE: From the book, can you answer the questions please? And then write your answers in the comments. Pictures of the book and questions are below.

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  1. Horse ´bee or a duck or a seal wolf
    Thé éléphant was not good pet because the elephant can not fit in the house
    Thé mouse gone in moms Jean
    Her mom got her a fish so it CANT do anything
    Because she didn’t like pet