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Star of the Week

This half term the school value we will be focusing on is brilliance and those children who demonstrate brilliance in their PE lessons will be awarded star of the week. Brilliance means demonstrating exceptional talent or intelligence. Congratulations to all children who earned a wristband this week.

How have you used brilliance this week in school ?


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  1. Well done everyone
    we all can use the value brilliance and the 2 people that show it the best deserve is but it doesn’t mean other children let themselves down keep showing all the values of BH

  2. Well done to everyone who got a wristband for their excellent PE and keep it up, maybe next year you will get it again.

    I have used brilliance because I always never give up no matter if it is hard and easy. You always need to use resilience because using resilience you can get a wristband or other good rewards.

  3. Well done to the people who got wrist bands for demonstrating the value Brilliance.
    I have used the value Brilliance in school because my maths work was fantastic.

  4. i have used brilliance and tancity to improve my pe skills to be better at doing so much things.
    pe has told me lots of things like playing mini golf thats one of my favourite thing that i ever had done.
    to a big thank you to mrs shilton and mr rawlings for teaching every class pe so they can be brillant and they wont struggle at doing anthing.
    i love pe days because i get to learn lots of new pe skills to pump up more of my energy so i can be better at anthing.

  5. Well done everyone with their hard work in P.E
    I have used brilliance by learning new things and making sure no one is miss behaving because if someone miss behaves then there’s consiquences and the P.E teachers will not be happy with the person who’s miss behaving at all so you should always behave,show your best and listen to the rules in P.E to be a good role model to the school to show brilliance.

  6. Well done everyone.
    How have you used brilliance this week in school ?
    I have used brilliance this week by writing a good historical fiction story in English .