STEAM Project Week in Reception Red

Welcome back.😊 This week, in project week we have been learning about light and dark and sources of light. The children took part in a range of investigations and activities.

Please take a look at our super learning and leave a comment about what you enjoyed. 

To investigate light and dark places.

To investigate the effect of light on different materials

To make shadow puppets and use them to investigate how shadows re formed.

To explore the lights created by fireworks and create firework art.

To investigate rainbows and how they are formed.

3 responses to “STEAM Project Week in Reception Red”

  1. Zain T.

    Wow I had so much fun

  2. Mikaeel A.

    Fantastic! So many different activities.

  3. Mrs Davison

    Wow, it looks like you had lots of fun – well done reception! What was your favourite activity?

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