Greetings and Salutations Year 5,

Here is a round up of all the learning we have been doing in Year 5. Please enjoy, comment and tell us what you learnt and enjoyed the most. We would also like to say it’s been amazing Summer 2 term! We will certainly miss you! Wishing you all the very best for Year 6. Best Wishes, Mrs Habib, Mrs Diaz and Mrs Jones.



History and Geography


8 responses to “Summer 2 Portfolios-Year 5”

  1. Rubab G.

    I really enjoyed making the bridges 🌉

    From Elyas and Rubab

  2. Sarah A.

    Well Done !


  3. Zahraa Y.

    I feel quite sad as this is our last time in year 5,And next year we are in year 6 and that will make me even more nervous but everyone will hopefully have a great time and the greatest memories. I surely will have the greatest memories in this school.

  4. Adam J.

    Well done everyone you did great 👍

  5. Mohammed W.

    Thank you for putting this blog and year 5 is one of my favourite years.

  6. Ayaan M.

    Thank you for putting up this blog and year 5 will always be in my heart as a memory.

  7. Tipian I.

    Well done

  8. Tana I.

    Thank you very much for putting this blog up
    I will always remember our memories from our memorable moments
    that we e experimented in year 5.
    My favourite part of year 5 is probably the trips that we had the macbeth assembly that we did the and the lessons as well as the fun.
    I enjoyed every bit of year 5(especially break time/lunchtime).
    At all the funny bit I laugh.
    At all the sad bit I’m sad.
    At all the happy bits I’m excited.
    And all the others I’m normal.

    Here are some TOP TIPS if you are moving to year 5
    .always be kind, respectful, and honest
    .always smile,be-happy,and be confident (to perform)

    Here are just some examples but I’m sure that your teacher told you more information when you did transition day.

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