Super Learning in 1 Red

In Science we have been learning about our senses. This week we investigated sight and touch.

We went on a walk around our school to see what we could see.

Then we touched different objects and used adjectives to describe how they felt.

How do you use your sense of sight at home?

6 responses to “Super Learning in 1 Red”

  1. Ziad H.

    I use my eyes to see things like houses and buildings.

  2. Amelia B.

    At home I use my sense of sight to see,read my books,play with toys,watch TV,write and see what the weather looks like.

  3. Abdulkafi E.

    At home i use my eyes to read and do homework!

  4. Great O.

    I use my sense of sight to see like watching TV, reading my book, crossing the road, houses and playing with my toys.

  5. Isa Y.

    I use my sense of sight to watch TV, read my books, play with my toys, drawing and colouring.

  6. Hosanna N.

    I use my eyes to see,to read my books and to watch TV

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