Super Spellers

Well done to all these children who have had super scores. Two children A ⭐️ and their names starts with A too Aiyla and Ameera this week with top scores ten out of ten.Followed by six children with 9 out of ten. Then we have two children with 8. Finally Rosie we were so impressed with your score with seven out of ten. Let’s see if can have more children next week with ten out of ten. Good luck and keep practising.

5 responses to “Super Spellers”

  1. Samuel N.

    I spell woke and it was wrong
    My k is a k in woke

  2. Samuel N.

    I was so surprise to get spelling this morning

    1. Mrs J Patel

      Sam you appreciate and value what you learn.👍🏼

  3. Rosie C.

    Well done everyone

    1. Mrs J Patel

      Rosie well done to you.

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