Year 1 Reading Challenge – Summer 1 2022

Hi Year 1! Welcome to your reading challenge! Have a look at the pictures below and think about what is happening in each one. The best response may win a special prize in the challenge assembly!

Green and Blue Group – In full sentences, please can you describe the setting of the story and describe the characters: Little Red, Grandma, The Wolf and The Woodcutter using interesting adjectives/ expanded noun phrases ( kind, caring grandma was sick) and maybe a question for the evil, vicious wolf.

Yellow and Orange Group – In full sentences, please can you describe the characters: Little Red, Grandma, The Wolf and The Woodcutter using exciting adjectives.

Red Group – In a full sentence, please can you describe Little Red and The Wolf?


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  1. One day her mother asks her little red haired girl to go grandparent’s house,to bring her something to eat.And in the overgrown forest he met the evil and frightening wolf with the big sharp teeth.

  2. Once upon a time there lived a sweet, lovely girl called little Red riding Hood and she lived in a village with her mother. One morning her mother asked little red riding hood to give some red apples to her sick Grandmother, the apples look sweet and crunchy.
    The little red riding hood was skipping down the forest in her red cloak, she has seen some beautiful colorful flowers she wanted to pick for her Grandmother.
    ‘’ Hello, what are you doing here little girl’’? Red riding hood turned around and saw a big, grey smelly and scruffy wolf behind her. ‘’I am picking some flowers for my Grandmother who is very poorly said the little red riding hood. ‘’Where does your Grandmother live’’ said the scary wolf. ‘’She lives in the house behind those trees. ‘’ The wolf quickly said bye and ran to the house.
    The little red riding hood knocked on the door, knock knock. ‘’Come in’ ’said the wolf in a granny’s voice. The wolf was in granny’s bed with her nightdress, hat and glasses. ‘’ Granny,
    What big ears you have? All the better to look at you with my dear. ‘’What big eyes you have’’?’’ all the better to hear you with my dear’’ and what big teeth you have? ‘’all the better to eat you with my dear’’ the wolf jumped up and the little Red was screaming and she ran out of the door crying and asking for help. The brave, tall woodcutter was walking with the old Grandmother they heard the red riding hood crying. The woodcutter chased the evil wolf down the forest with his axe. The grandmother went to the red riding hood hugged her and they lived happily ever after.

    • What big ears you have? All the better to hear you my dear. ‘’What big eyes you have’’?’’ all the better to see you with with my dear’’ and what big teeth you have? ‘’all the better to eat you with my dear’’ the wolf jumped up and the little Red was

  3. The little red hood was lovely, sweet and helpful little girl.
    The wolf was big, bad and scary. He was also cunning and terrifying with sharp teeth and pointy ears. He wanted to hurt little red hood and grandma.
    The grandma was caring, nice and old.
    The woodcutter was brave men who hit the wolf on his head and then the wolf run away.

  4. Once upon a time there was a girl called Little Red Riding Hood. She listenedbtonher mummy to bring the red crunchy apples to her poorly grandma. She was waking by herself in the woods and she saw a scary and sly wolf. Then the wolf said what if you pick some flowers up. Little Red Riding Hood picked some flowers up for grandma. The sneaky wolf run to grandma’s house to eat her. He knocked on the door and grandma shut the door into the bad wolf nose. Then grandma run away to ask for help. The Little Red Riding Hood saw grandma outside and she walked to the grandma’s house. The end :)

  5. Little Red Riding Hood’s Mother sent her to take her Grandma some fresh apples because she was sick.
    Little Red Riding Hood walked in the woods and met the Big Bad Wolf. He tricked her into picking some nice daises.
    While she was picking flowers he ran to Grandma’s cottage and scared grandma away . Then he dressed up as Grandma and jumped in her bed.
    Soon Little Red Riding Hood came and the wolf tried to trick her and eat her.
    Grandma came back with the woodcutter and he banged the wolf on the head and chased him away.
    Little Red Riding Hood gave Grandma a big hug.

    The story is set in a cottage in the woods.
    Little Red Riding Hood is a young kind girl.
    The Big Bad Wolf is evil hairy and has big sharp teeth.
    Grandma is a sweet caring old lady.
    The Woodcutter is a large brave strong man.

  6. The end Once upon a time there was a kind and beautiful little girl
    called Little Red Riding Hood.She lived in a village with her
    kind Mum.Her kind Mum told her to bring some Red and sweet apples for her caring Grandma.
    A nasty wolf was peeking the Little Red Riding Hood to eat her, in the distance.
    The nasty shaggy wolf said Hello! what are you doing?
    “I am bringing apples for my caring Grandma” said Little Red Riding Hood.
    The wolf rushed to Grandma cottage.The caring Grandma saw the wolf and bang
    the door at the nasty shaggy wolf then Grandma ran away at the back garden.
    The nasty,shaggy wolf quickly went to Grandma cottage and dressed up as Grandma.
    Little Red entered Grandma cottage and she said “what a big ears you have!”
    wolf said” The better to hear you, my dear.
    “what big teeth you have” she said.
    Wolf replied “The better to eat you, my dear”.
    Red Riding hood screamed loud.
    Finally the woodcutter banged the hammer at the wolfs head and happily they lived. The end

  7. Once upon a time , little red was going to her lovely grandmas house because she was feeling very ill . Then when she was walking to her grandmas house she saw a big bad wolf who seemed nice at the time so to distract little red he told little red politely to pick up some beautiful smelling flowers for her lovely grandma. Little did she know her lovely grandma was in danger…so when she was picking up the beautiful smelling flowers the wolf was rushing to her grandmas house, and then her grandma who was in danger called for help! When little red arrived at her house she was confused because she did not know what was wrong with her eyes her nose and her big sharp teeth! What big eyes nose and teeth you have grandma! But then she noticed that was not her grandma! And then she ran so she did not get gobbled up ! Yo save the day a woodcutter came and made the big bad wolf run AWAY !
    blue and green
    big bad wolf
    strong woodcutter
    lovely smelling flowers
    lovely grandma
    questions for wolf
    did want to eat little reds apples?

  8. Once upon a time there was a kind lovely girl named little red riding hood. her mother asked her to take crunchy apples to her grandma because she was ill. little red was going into the woods to get her grandma lovely crunchy apples to take to her grandma. Little red saw a big bad stinky wolf and little red riding hood was tricked because the bad wolf dressed as her grandma. the evil bad wolf was chased by little red grandma and little red finally united with her grandma.

  9. Once upon time there was a kind girl she was going to grandma house becauser grandma was i’ll. A few moment later she was walking in the woods the nasty grey wolf was sneaking behind the green trees he came next to little red he sead hi what are you doing she sead i am going to grandmas house.

  10. Once upon a time there lived a kind hearted girl called Little Red Riding Hood. Her mother asked her to bring some crunchy apples to her grandmother because she was ill and very poorly. On the way, she was met by a big, bad and vicious wolf. The wolf asked her to pick some flowers as a distraction and he ran to the grandmother’s house. Grandma then ran to get some help. When Little Red arrived she looked at the wolf and got confused. The sly wolf tried to trick Little Red by pretending to be grandma. Suddenly, the wolf pounced on Little Red but grandma came just in time with the brave woodcutter. The woodcutter scared off the wolf and everybody rejoiced. They all had a delicious feast and lived happily ever after.

  11. Little Red Riding Hood is lovely and helpful
    Little Red Riding Hood is a kind girl
    She get red apples for her grandma
    The wolf spying little red behind the tree

  12. Once upon a time there lived a little girl called little red. She loved wearing the colour red but one day little red’s mother said bring these crunchy juicy apples to your grandma. Little red started walk alone when she was passing there stood a sly wolf. The sly wolf tricked little red to pick up some fresh flowers. When little red was doing that the wolf ran as a flash to grandma’s house. The sly wolf knocked on the door with a thud thud thud. The grandma slammed the wolf on his nose and grandma ran away to get some help. The sly wolf dressed up as grandma and started to wait for little red. When little red cam in she felt shocked. Little red said what big eyes you have? And what big teeth you have and suddenly the wolf tried to eat little red. And the grandma came with a wood cutter. The wood cutter banged the axe on the wolf’s head and the wolf cried and ran away. Happy little red was reunited. The end!

    Story by Roshaan and typed by his dad.

  13. Once upon time there lived a kind trusting girl and her name was little red and she lived in a cottage with her mother and she went to pick apples for her grandmother .In the distance, the bushes nearby there was a vicious sly wolf and he was peeking through the trees .After that the wolf quickly hoped into grandma’s bed and he was pretending to be grandma. Suddenly little red came into the house and said “what big ears you have”!, “what sharp teeth you have”! and what big eyes you have ?! After realising it wasn’t grandma , little red started crying because she was scared . The woodcutter heard little red crying and came to rescue her . Grandma and woodcutter came as quick as they can and they lived happily ever after .The end.